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This was my time of dreamy stuff. I did yoga, tarot and listened to a radio show about it. Because of all that, I also bought some records to support it. This is actually not a bad one, but more will come… Claire Hamill has sampled her voice, and then dubbed it over and over again. That created a weird sound that is still enjoyable to listen to.

Voices came out on a label that claimed it was “new age”. If you look that up (which I did of course), you’ll find it is mostly connected to the 70s. Well, this is ten years later, and it sounds different from those 70s albums.

The weird thing is, my administration doesn’t tell me where I got it from. I know I bought it new, and the next record is bought two days later. My guess is that I actually bought this one in the same batch, at the same location. More about that in the next instalment of this exciting series…

I’m very curious to know who else knows this record, or the artist? On Discogs there are a couple more records on her name, but I know only this one. I think I heard it on a radioshow I was listening to. I liked it then, and I admit, I still like it. Not a bad choice, 16 year old self!

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