Rat in the kitchen


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Reggae! I never knew I had it in me. Was I cheerful that year? You bet I was! I was in love. So, I listened to much more cheerful music, and bought this record.

This record not only has nice looks, it also hides a nice inner sleeve for the competition.

And of course, since there were lyrics, I was singing along.

When I checked my administration, it said the name of this record is “Rat in me kitchen”. I got it, and on the cover it clearly says “Rat in the kitchen”. Since it is the title of the record, it intrigued me. What is going on here?

According to Discogs, my edition is the European. It has this label

That is indeed mine. With the title I have in my administration. Is this a misprint? Looking further, I find the UK has “the” on both label and cover.

But in all cases the eponymous song has “me”. To add to the confusion, the song is called “Rat In Mi Kitchen” on Discogs. That is neither on the label, nor on the inner sleeve. Where is that coming from?

Looking a bit further I found that it is written like that on the label of a Japanese promo.

I just love Discogs!

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