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Why? Why? Oh, and why? I was still in my dreamy period here. The beautiful cover hides a nerve wrecking collection of so called relaxing pieces with spring as its inspiration.

I get nervous with relaxing music. I wonder: am I the only one? The more relaxing it is supposed to be, the more nervous I get. There is no rhythm to this music, it starts somewhere but it never reaches the destination.

This is the first (yes, many firsts these days!) of the records that I bought from the library. Before I bought records, I was borrowing them from the library, and then recording them. They had a really good collection there, and I made a lot of nice recordings. Most of which I later found for real, with or without the help of the regular sales moments of that same library.

Because every now and then they were selling parts of their collection. Probably after they were old, but never when they were no longer playable. The quality of the records was good, and it taught me a thing or two, particularly about good performers of classical music. Somehow the library, and after that those sales, always had the right performances. Keep reading this blog to find out which.

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