Turning point


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One of the few times I actually bought the very same record I taped years earlier. This is the second album, the first was better, haha.

Future World Orchestra for me was the lesser of the two synthesizer artists I listened to. I liked Nova better. Both artists are really cheesy nowadays, but for me back then I really loved them.

The cover is still nice. The description on Discogs says there was also a decorated inner sleeve, but alas, the library doing what they do, that is gone now. Anybody that has it can offer it to me on Discogs.

An funny observation about the shame tag: my shame is not at all the same as what other people (let’s call them friends) think is shameful. I mean, what is wrong with Demis Roussos? Maybe it is in the eye of the beholder, or can it be those records are not widely known? Personally I don’t feel ashamed anymore, I am past that. It was part of my life. For some of them it has become a guilty pleasure, for others… not. I leave it to the reader to try to find out which is what.

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