Schütz – Kleine geistliche Konzerteütz-Concerto-Vocale-Kleine-Geistliche-Konzerte/release/11711069

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Heinrich Schütz is considered the most important German composer before Bach (seriously, again?). He was born in 1985, and lived 87 years. His works that survived were celebrating the Lutheran rite, but he also wrote the first German opera. From the title it is plain to see this is not it.

These are Cantatas, but that word was not used in the Germany of the early seventeenth century. They were meant as a cycle, so they do belong together.

René Jacobs formed the Concerto Vocale in 1982. In that time he was the star of the counter tenors, the one with the strange high voices. Now he is a celebrated conductor. When I saw his name I was confused, but then I remembered he made a career change. Quite ambitious.

Interestingly, it amazes me that this can be found on streaming. I think it is because the recording itself is superb, as is the performance. This is high quality, even though I don’t listen to this that much anymore.

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