Bach – Concerto pour 3 violons et orchestre en ré majeur

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Two concertos from Bach, performed by a totally unknown orchestra. The main selling argument for this record seems to be the image on the outside. However, there is something weird with one of the works performed here. It does not exist.

There is a concerto in C major for three harpsichords, which is probably based on a concerto in D major for three violins that is now lost. Then there is a reconstructed D major concerto for that instrumentation, numbered 1064R. So what are they performing here? Not one bit of mention in the liner notes.

Then there is that violinist: Georg-Friedrich Hendel. Not to be confused with the composer Georg Friedrich Händel. Seriously? That must be a joke. Either he has made it up himself, or his parents were really into… GFH. I don’t know if I should pity or loathe him now. By the way, try to google him. Good luck!

Ristenpart finally was the founder of the Saarbrücken Chamber Orchestra, here on this record. This is a part of one of the earliest recorded versions of Bach’s work, says wikipedia. I could have guessed that.

Now, let’s see what Facebook says of this cover.

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