Claude Debussy – Klaviermusikás-Vásáry-Klaviermusik-Piano-Music

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I’m not going to write about the works on this record. I’m not going to talk about Tamàs Vàsàry, piano master that he is. I would like to talk about Goldschmeding. An interesting piece of history, and all because of the sticker I found on this record.

A recordstore in an expensive place like that?

Gerardus Goldschmeding bought the shop where he was working in 1872 and started selling house organs for protestant families. He started out with three pianos and an oil lamp, and it grew into a business with several shops, among others in Haarlem. It survived the Second World War, but not the crisis of the nineteen eighties. It closed in 1986 after 114 years.

One of the reasons was that there was no management anymore. The last generation of the family died because a (to me) unknown criminal act and a disease. There was no one to follow in their footsteps, and the company was liquidated. It had not been making money for years.

For a while they were not only selling pianos and organs, but radios and high end audio equipment. And records, as it now turns out. Did the buyer of this record also buy a stereo there?

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