My first piece of classical chamber music! This music is hard to come by on vinyl. In the early years of recording classical music these were not high on the list of priorities. There were good recordings made, but a lot less than for instance the big symphonic works.

The Forellenquintett (The Trout) is the nickname for the Schuberts quintet in A D.667. He wrote it in 1819, when he was 22. It was published however ten years later, when Schubert had already died. Schubert really lived a very short life, but he wrote a whole lot of works in that short time.

The Forellenquintett is named that way because the fourth movement contains six variations of his song Die Forelle. He did this kind of thing more often. He piggybacked these works on the popularity of some of his songs.

A (piano) quintet is usually written for a string quartet (two violins, a viola and a cello) with an added piano. This one is unusual in that instead of the second violin, there is a double bass. An instrument that is rarely used in chamber music. It has the added advantage that the piano now doesn’t have to fill the lower end of the spectrum: it can focus on a for the instrument unusual high register, with both hands.

Quite interesting also is that there is a piece of chamber music by Mozart, on wind instruments. I don’t have much of that.

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