Frans Brüggen, Gustav Leonhardt, Anner Bylsma, Jaap Schröder spelen voor Das Alte Werküggen-Gustav-Leonhardt-Anner-Bylsma-Jaap-Schröder-Frans-Brüggen-Gustav-Leonhardt-Anner-By

A promotion compilation from the label Das Alte Werk to promote the works of their Dutch specialists in early music. I suspect this is one of those records that was offered for free or for a very small price, to help sell the recordings of these musicians.

Superb recordings of superb performances. Interesting work also, certainly a record worth the effort if you can get it. All of this is probably available online, just not in this combination. This kind of promotional seldom reach the streaming services.

These big names in the historically informed performance have by now all died. Jaap Schröder was the last in 2020. I wanted to say something about someone else however: Anner Bylsma, a well known cellist. His influence on cello playing cannot be overestimated. In 1979 he was the first to record the six Bach cello suites on a period instrument. He also has written a very deep analysis of it.

The local Amsterdam cello festival honoured him on his eightieth birthday with a fund, meant to promote and help young cellists. The fund still exists, and a prize is given every two years. I was there with the presentation of the fund, and I could see he was touched. The last time I saw Anner Bylsma was at a masterclass some years ago, and he struck me as a charming man, a very good teacher. He died in 2019.

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