Jírovec: Symphony in E flat / Pichl: Symphony in D


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A record with two Bohemian composers that are nearly forgotten in the rest of the world. I think I bought it because it has Antiqua in the series name, and I was looking for old music. This however, is music from the classical era. A bit like Haydn and early Beethoven.

A traditional line up, with two symphonies and a overture to an opera that is now lost. The first, by Jírovec sounds a lot like Haydn without humor. It is lighthearted and easy music though. Jírovec was heavily influenced by Haydn, and two had met on several occasions. The symphony is called ‘Grosse’, correctly translated as ‘Great’, but deformed on Spotify as ‘Large’.

Václav Pichl is twenty years older. I cannot find that much about him, except for the interesting way in which he died. He was primarily a violinist, and died from a stroke at 63. While playing a violin concerto. Now I keep wondering which concerto that was!

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