Alive II

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Kiss needed a vacation, so the record company did a live album. They did it before, and that was a success, so why not do it again? They wanted different songs then the last time, so they took most songs from the albums after the previous live record. Some of them were the results of soundchecks without audience. They were dubbed in later.

When the album was re-released in 1989 they admitted that on three songs lead guitarist Ace Frehley was actually not the one touching the strings. Instead that job fell to the older brother of one other band members. Ah well. The overall result is a good album, with a good live vibe. There is a lot of good energy here.

My version is totally damaged, all of the extras are not there, and everything is torn. There would have been four temporary tattoos representing the band members, and a booklet with some beautiful pictures. All gone. The records themselves are in good state however. Still a nice record to listen to.

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