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The best anecdote I know about Prince comes from a stand up comedy performance by Kevin Smith, where he tells about meeting His Royal Badness and making a rather evangelical film for him. His story is hilarious, and shines an interesting light upon the superstar. The film has never been published, and it is even unclear if it is still kept in his famous vault.

Of course this album was made a lot earlier, and it marks Prince’s big step to the pop star idol he became in the eighties and nineties. It includes the big hits When doves cry, and the title track.

The iconic picture on the cover of the album was not taken in New York, as you might have guessed, but in California, in an area that was designed to look like New York.

In 1985 Tipper Gore, the wife of Al, testified seeing her 11 year old daughter listening to one of the songs: Darling Nikki. That song is about, among other things, female masturbation. The protest led to the sticker that has been since on many albums since: parental advisory: explicit lyrics (or variations thereof). In some circles having that sticker was a selling argument.

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