Mozart Edition 11 – Geistliche Musik Und Orgelwerke

A huge collection, and I have only a few lines to talk about it. Complete masses, the requiem, and church sonatas. Oh, and some organ pieces. And all in all it was a lot better than I expected. Apart from Colin Davis no famous performers here, but some good recordings.

Out of all of that, I’m going to pick one piece that was interesting to me. No, it’s not the requiem. I’m probably going to touch that in more detail later. This is a piece for mechanical organ, commissioned by count Deym von Stritetz.

Mozart wrote three pieces for mechanical organ, but the one that struck me was the K.594, an Adagio and Allegro. A piece of around 12 minutes, meant to be played on a clock with a built in organ. The device was part of the Count’s art gallery, and was standing next to a coffin with a glass top, wherein could be viewed a was statue of Field Marshall Ernst Gideon von Laudon.

Every hour the clock would trigger the organ, and a piece was played. The piece was different each week, and one of the pieces was Mozart’s.

Fun times, in the eighteenth century.

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