Seventh son of a seventh son

The seventh album (naturally) of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. When they formed in 1975, nobody could possibly imagine the band would still be around 47 years later. Many changes have taken place, many battles fought.

Seventh son is part of the golden age of the band. Singer Bruce Dickinson firmly in charge. Or so it seems. If I believe the wiki page about the album, Bruce was not too happy with the direction of the last few albums, and this seventh album was also the last for founding member Adrian Smith (he was to return to the band in 1999).

Personally, of all the covers Iron Maiden has made, and they are an impressive lot, this one I think is the best. The icy cold water and the blue sky hide an energetic progressive metal album.

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  1. Karoly

    Mist de kracht van de aarde
    Zoals bv die van Jimmy Hendrix..