Self esteem

To some, Offspring developed in 1995 to a worthy replacement of Nirvana. To others they were and always will be fake punkers. Smash was their third studio album, of which Self esteem is the big hit. I bought it in the year it came out.

Offspring was formed in 1984 in California. With around 40 million records sold they are quite successful for a punk band, and maybe that is the reason for the divide in opinion. A punk band is not allowed to be so commercially successful after all. They need to suffer in their basement or garage, and do it loudly.

I bought this at Boudisque in Amsterdam. They’re not there anymore, though in a way they still exist in Utrecht. But it’s not the same. There is a cheese shop for tourists in the location in Amsterdam now. I’m happy for the tourists, but I would like my record shop back!

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