Driver’s seat

Driver’s seat is what we in this country call a one day fly. I mention it, because I like the expression. Sniff ‘n’ the Tears was formed some years earlier, in 1974. The only constant member is singer Paul Roberts, who also named the band because of his hay fever.

Before 1978 the band failed to get a record contract. In a world before streaming or YouTube, a record deal was the only way to move forward. Since they didn’t get it, the members scattered to the wind, and Paul Roberts took up painting instead.

In 1978 drummer Luigi Salvoni revived the band by convincing Paul to try again. They got a deal, made one record and my guess would be could have retired happily ever after. Which they kind of did, because the band fell apart again.

When Driver’s seat was used in a commercial in 1992, the success led Paul Roberts to reform the band, with different members. It was never really successful, but it still exists to this day.

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