Goodnight Saigon

Back when my older sister had already moved out, but I still lived at my parent’s house, I liked to visit her. She was living quite close, but for me it was a totally different world. She was living in the City, I was born and raised in a small town. The City was like magic for me.

At one time, I was alone in her house, and I found her walkman. It was one of the first that came out. For those young reader that have never heard of a walkman, walkman was a brand name of Sony: a battery operated tapedeck you could cary around, with headphones and all. It was quite the thing to have in the eighties. The first revolution in personal audio.

The one I found in my sisters house was quite big and heavy. It was blue I remember. I did know what it was, because I heard about it. But I never listened to it. So I had to try it of course. With excitement I tried the headphones. I never heard music like that before.

The tape inside started with this song. I didn’t know it, but listening to the introduction made me go to audio heaven. I never heard that kind of stereo. It was so real, it was like I was at the concert. After listening to it I carefully put it back in the same place where I found it. But the damage was already done. I wanted one like that. I just had to have my own walkman.

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