Martinů – Streichquartette 5 und 7ünner-Streichquartett-Martinu-Streichquartette-5-U-7

If I tell you that Martinů was also teacher for Burt Bacharach, expectations about these works might be completely mistaken. Yes, Martinů has created works that are very close to jazz, but no, he is not comparable to the famous writer of pop songs.

The Czech composer was born in 1890, and started composing in the twenties, after moving to Paris. He wrote more than four hundred works in his lifetime, with around eight string quartets. Around, because that number is not totally clear.

Two works of surprising beauty. They are a bit romantic, but modern at the same time. It is clear that Martinů liked experimenting. The performance is good I think, but I have not made a comparison. I cannot find anything about the Brünner String Quartet, but my guess is they are from Switzerland, where Martinů has lived for some years.

The recording is superb though. I don’t know the label, I don’t know who did the engineering, but it is a perfect job. All the more surprising that I seem to be the only person in the world that knows this record. I created the record on Discogs myself.

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