Schubert – Schubertiadeörg-Demus-Hans-Deinzer-Schubertiade

The term Schubertiade refers to the small musical performances that Schubert organised or inspired during his life. These were strictly homemade affairs: gatherings of hundreds were happening, but usually the number of attendees was considerably smaller. Schubert’s more than 600 songs were central, but there was poetry reading and dancing as well.

Since the seventies of last century modern Schubertiades have been organised, some of them growing into large festivals. The best known of these is the Schubertiade Vorarlberg, good for a yearly attendance of 35.000 people.

this record is a small collection of Schubert’s best known songs, out of different song cycles. For a record this old, I was surprised about the recording quality. The sound is light hearted and spacious. Elly Ameling’s voice is superb, and the sound of the fortepiano used on this recording is subtle enough to accompany her.

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