Smetana / Chopin – Die Klaviertrios

Of these two works, the Smetana is more widely known. It is also the better work I think. Chopins trio was published in 1829, Smetana’s almost 30 years later. So both firmly belong to the romantic period. Oddly, Smetana published his work years later in 1880. At first I thought I read it wrong, or it was a mistake by the wiki author, but no, it really took him almost to the end of his life to finally publish it.

Smetana wrote the work in 1855, and then revised it in 1858, advised by Liszt. The reception at the premiere was a bit cold, but Liszt liked it. The Czech composer Smetana is better known for his symphonic poem about the river Moldau, part of an ode to his fatherland. If you like that work, than do try this is well.

Chopin wrote mostly for piano, and for orchestra, but never for violin. He didn’t particularly like the instrument. Which make me wonder, is the trio a nice piece to play for the violin?

By this time, it is now 1999, I resolved to buy more records of chamber music. They were not easy to find, but from now on do expect more of these.

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