The world of King’s

Once I travelled to Cambridge to see the famous King’s College. Yes, there was more to see, but it was mainly for this I went there. England just discovered the doubtful benefits of competitive liberalism, and busses from Oxford to Cambridge were shouting for passengers. Not that the service was any better for it, or the prices lower.

The chapel of the college is indeed every bit as beautiful as it is on the pictures. The walls of the building are almost disappearing, allowing a lot of light in. But the most impressive part is of course the ceiling. As soon as you come in, your eyes are drawn to its extravagant decoration. It must be inspiring to be allowed to sing here. And probably have a voice like that. It is one of those locations that I would love to visit for a real performance.

There is a full version of Allegri’s famous Miserere on this recording. Years later I bought this on CD because I heard it somewhere. I didn’t even realise back then I already had it on vinyl.

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