Walk this way


Once upon a time there was a Boston rock band called Aerosmith. Formed around singer Steven Tyler, they enjoyed some successes in the seventies. And then along came the drugs. And Steven Tyler trying to score some on the streets of New York. The band suffered, but survived. The drug abuse was the end of its success.

Then all of a sudden Aerosmith was found at the creative center of the urban music scene. Rap band Run DMC made a version of their earlier hit Walk this way, and with that, the band was revived. More hits followed, and somehow we find the band connected to many big names: Desmond Child, Alicia Silverstone, Bon Jovi, Guns n’ Roses.

And all the time the high pitched wail Steven guided the band to stardom. Looking at the list of hits from those days (Cryin’, Living on the edge, Crazy) I’m amazed with the mark they made. And Walk this way is what started it all.

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