Back to black


Back to black means to go back to your ex, according to the urban dictionary. It is also the name of a record label that started in 2008 in celebration of sixty years existence of the long playing (LP) record. In my mind that was all it meant, until I came across this famous second record of Amy Winehouse. I never listen to any radio, so I had totally missed it.

Even though I have listened to it many times, and I tell myself it is good music, I find her voice annoying. There is a rough quality to her voice that I just don’t like. The songs themselves are of course very personal, especially in light of her early demise at 27. Yes, she’s a card carrying member of the 27 club. In 2011 she was found dead in her apartment in London. No clear cause has ever been found, although the official cause was alcohol poisoning.

During her short career she was quite famous for her alcohol abuse. It led to cancelled performances, and her last performance was in Belgrade, clearly under influence. The opener of Back to black refers to her long periods of kicking the habit: rehab. A pity it didn’t come in time for her.

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