This is the album that brought us Aurora, a huge hit in the Netherlands. Simple melodies that are easy to listen to, created on (probably analogue) synthesizers. For Dutch: somebody was comparing this to ‘BZN goes Vangelis‘ or ‘Vader Abraham op synthesizer‘ Which I found too funny not to mention (thank you MadJack71).

This is a record that I already listened to when I was very young, right after it came out in 1982. It was the only time my father actually came to my room to listen with me. The fact that I remember that little detail means a lot. Then again, he likes BZN.

Nova was the more commercial version of another project by the same three guys from Dordrecht. The big hit Aurora that I wrote about earlier was an extended version of a theme from a song from that other project: Sons of dawn by Peru. Another fun fact is that two of the guys of Nova also worked on Annabel from Hans de Booij (known quite well in the Netherlands). Nova or Peru does not exist anymore (yeah yeah, the project, not the country).

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