The sixth album from the Icelandic postrockers of Sigur Rós. After the experimentations with pop on the previous album, Valtari (Icelandic for steamroller) is more background music. It is beautiful, sure, and it definitely contains some songs that are popular during concerts. But it does not have the poppy tunes of the previous record. I admit I was a bit surprised about that, because I suppose it sells better. Once the money comes in, there are not many bands that can hold onto their integrity.

The first single from this record was published as a special for the 2012 Record Store Day, and it features this song played from the inside out. As an audiophile I amm wondering what that nifty trick does to the sound. It probably doesn’t matter, but there is a slight pressure of the arm pushing to the inside, that might change that thought a bit.

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