Musique sacrée des moines Tibétains


Gérard Krémer was active as field recording artist since the late Sixties. He made recordings like this, of folklore music from all over the world. Some of these can be found online, but not this one. Sadly, that is about all I can find about him.

The music presented here consists of liturgical chants from Tibetan monks. It reminds me of two early morning breakfasts I had with my girlfriend in a hotel in Taiwan. The hotel was quite traditional, away from the big city. Both mornings we were presented with an ongoing chant. It was the only sound in the lounge where we had our breakfast, and we had to endure it if we still wanted to eat. Near the door there was a woman deep in prayer, listening to the droning song. We now know the song as coffeetable, because it sounded like that word was repeated all the time.

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