Porgy and Bess


The music of the film adaptation from 1959 of the Gershwin opera from 1935. The time at the start of the Sixties in America will be forever linked to the Civil Rights movement, and the story of the opera feels like it is from before that time. As a result, it was not easy for the producer and the studio to find actors for the movie: actors judged the story for its portrayal of black America in stereotypes.

The movie was not really a success. It was nominated for three Oscars but got only the one for the score. And then there was the Gershwin family, that disliked it, and stopped the circulation after the fifteen year’s rights lease ran out. As a result, the movie is virtually unavailable. There is a digitized version, kept at the Library of Congress, and supposedly there is a full copy that was shown on three different occasions. It is called the Holy Grail of lost films.

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