If you look for this title on my blog, you will find it is already there. In exactly the same edition as well. As I’ve written earlier, I got this collection from a friend, and this belongs to it. Usually I check if I already have it, and sometimes it happens that a record slips through. But when that happens, I typically add the record in the same protective sleeve and that’s it. I don’t add it to my catalogue, and treat it just as a spare copy.

Something went wrong in this case, for these two records both have their own catalogue entry. So to punish myself I write this extra blog. It did give me the chance to listen to it again, and it was quite a treat after so many jazz records.

Since Alan Parsons was made famous by producing Pink Floyd, but I know him not because of that. I’ve discovered him because of a high school friend talking about it. I got it from the local library, listened and liked it. Many years later I found out his link with Pink Floyd. So now when I listen to that band, I actually hear Alan Parsons. His style of producing is now very clear to me. Pink Floyd is just Alan Parsons Project in disguise (I say that to annoy the ever present fans of Pink Floyd of course).

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