Stravinsky – Duo Concertant, Pastorale, Suite Italienne


Clara Bonaldi and Sylvaine Billier were a duo for a long time. Playing violin and piano respectively they won an ARD competition in 1963, and this recording is from 1973. I can find a little bit about Bonaldi, but nothing about Billier. Both were French, that’s for sure, and they were focussing on modern and contemporary work.

Two of these works were also on the recording I wrote about yesterday. That recording quality is better, but this performance is quite a bit more interesting. Where the one I wrote about yesterday is a bit cold, this one just has more warmth to it.

According to some critics of the time, warmth was exactly what the music of Stravinsky was missing in this second period of his oeuvre. The neo-classical themes he was entertaining during this time were not to the taste of everybody. I wrote about this earlier.

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