Dirty dancing


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Puppy love!! Yessss, it was there. Somebody else had to tell me, but I was totally in love with Jennifer Grey. I saw the film with the group of dance friends I talked about earlier, and I was uhm… confused. So naturally I wanted all, including the music from this film.

This record sounds really good on my new player. I am hearing details I’ve not heard before. That also means this recording is quite good. It has a lot of energy. And no… I’m not going to see the movie again. I did a long time ago, and it was dreadful. Although Jennifer Grey still looked good.

This record has an inner sleeve with the texts of the songs. Funny, because that usually doesn’t happen with soundtracks, right? This kind of soundtracks are collections of earlier published songs. The original might have the texts, but the soundtrack collection does not. I think this record has them so fans could sing while listening to the songs. Did I? You bet I did!

Unfortunately, there was also the wrong poster added. I am trying to find it, but all I can find is posters of Jennifer Grey, but mind had… yes, you guessed right. I have the oh so sexy man in my album. Ah well, what can we say. Maybe when I bought it, I could choose, but it didn’t say anything on the outside of the package, so I didn’t know.

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