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I didn’t know the Rolling Stones. I won this record in a local fair, near my school. Because of that, I kept it in my collection, trying to listen to it, but not liking it very much. I’m still not really a fan of Jagger and his friends. You might say this is the wrong album, but I listened to others in the meantime of course. Still not my thing.

There is something weird with the date of acquisition on this record. I won it in 1985, but the record came out in 1986 according to Discogs… Was I so far ahead of the curve?

The only song I liked, and still like is “Too rude”. It is not sung by Mick Jagger. I just don’t like his voice I guess. https://www.songfacts.com/facts/the-rolling-stones/too-rude mentions it was after a song by a Jamaican singer called Half Pint, so it wasn’t even original Rolling Stones. Judging from the story on Songfacts he didn’t get any money from it.

There is quite a nice inner sleeve for this record.

This one comes in at the inner sleeve competition on a whopping number 1. Of course, that all can still change.

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  1. Lourens

    That inner sleave is something else, wow. I wonder how and why they came up with that idea, I don’t asociate the Rolling Stones with aerobics.

    1. Actually, Voulez Vous also has one. Maybe I should add that one too. I like this one better though.