Haydn – ‘Farewell’. Symphony No 45 in F sharp minor


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The first classical album, and many more will follow. This is a re-release of a recording from 1950, by Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra. Resounding names, good performance no doubt, but dreadful recording.

The original 1950 record was in mono. This one is from 1977, but it sounds more like they took the 1950 recording and faked some stereo. It is like you’re not standing in the concert hall, but in the lobby next to it, trying to hear what the orchestra is doing there.

I got this on the morning of the first day of the new decennium, from the friend of my sister. I was by that time already listening to classical music, but this was my first classical record. Well, actually, it was a bunch of them, so more will follow for the next couple of days.

This record was never very popular with me. Haydn was never my composer I guess. Though these last months I’m starting to discover him a bit, it is still not his symphonies I’m listening to. And certainly not in these old recordings. So:

  • Haydn: meh
  • Old recording: meh
  • Symphony: meh

Three strikes, you’re out.

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