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Fabulous cover! I think I’m going to put this one on the wall for a while. It is quite colourful.

I bought this on the same day as I bought the 45rpm. I loved this music, and the library didn’t have it yet. So I had to have it for myself.

It has the lyrics on the inner sleeve. So I was singing it along. I did that kind of thing a lot those years. Dreamy texts sung in a dreamy way, but it is still good background music.

Is it a serious contestant for the inner sleeve contest? No way. The pictures are nice, the writing sufficiently illegible to make it artsy, but that’s about it. Looks really cold in the dress in the water, don’t you think?

And who is Rob Dickins? And Ross? http://enya.sk/2012/06/rob-dickins-talks-about-orinoco-flow/

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