Akwaba beach


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Mory Kante is really a good example of a one day fly. With Yeke Yeke he scored a huge hit, but the rest was totally unknown. I’m not saying it is really good, but I think it is better than it is credited for in the numbers. Certainly this record is a lot better than the previous.

About Yeke Yeke he said that it came from a traditional song Yekeke, that was used by young people in courting. It is supposed to represent the sound women make when dancing. It was reused in a techno version in 1994 by Hardfloor, enjoying moderate success.

I’m trying to find out what Akwaba Beach is, but I only find a restaurant on the Mediterranean coast of France. Anyone knows more about this?

Mory died last year, seventy years old. His many chronic diseases caught up with him when the regular health care couldn’t be administered because of the corona crisis.

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