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Of the many records the Pet Shop Boys made, I have the least favourite. It doesn’t contain any of their hits, it is a bit subdued, and the songs are way too long. All songs are in the extended length versions normally reserved for 12 inches and remixes. Radio friendly versions were later added.

The Pet Shop Boys are probably the most successful British synth pop duo around (yes, I can say that, after limiting the options: a duo, British, synth pop…). They were quite big in the eighties, and this is their third album. Singer Neil Tennant is quoted saying the band ended their ‘imperial phase’ in 1988. They were past their prime.

Though they scored a huge hit later with the Village People cover ‘Go West’, Tennant might have been right. They never reached the levels of ‘West end girls’ and ‘It’s a sin’ anymore.

To show their love of the puppies in the pet shop, the boys posed with them. The dog just want to jump away, the boy doesn’t look happy. So Eighties.

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