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Mr Collins went with Mr Plant (you know, Led Zeppelin) to the Pump Room in Chicago and were refused entry by the maitre d’. Mr Collins wasn’t wearing an appropriate jacket. Mr Plant was allowed in, Phil had to stand outside, infuriated. He later said he was never so angry in his life. That frustration led to the title of this album.

He told this story in every interview for this album (Late Night / The Tonight Show). It led to a letter of excuse from the hotel, accompanied with a casual sports jacket and the promise that he would always be welcome, whatever he wanted. Years later Phil admitted this album was not his most mature, and that he has grown since then.

Phil Collins always reminds me of the first weeks I was living out of the house of my parents. I was living in the house of my sister, together with her roommate. My sister was away for a few months, giving me the chance to live in Amsterdam for a while. Her roommate was very much into Phil Collins, connecting me now to that time.

Nice inner sleeve with Phil in the jacket he should have worn.

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