Rage for order


The second album of Queensrÿche, exploring issues like artificial intelligence and robotics. The management wanted the band to go into a fashionable glam rock outlook, clear to see on the back of the cover.

The best known song of this album is Gonna get close to you. Published as the second single, it is a cover of a song originally by the Canadian singer Dalbello. The original is a bit more interesting, I think. The advantages of streaming is that it allows you to easily find these originals. When this came out that was not easy at all.

There is something strange with my edition of the record. It looks like it is from the library. But my administration says it is coming from a friend. I’m pretty sure that friend did not buy his records from the library, so it confuses me a bit. My guess is that he did get it from the library, but why would he pass it on to me? This was his favourite band.

I do not have the inside sleeve, alas

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