Load and Reload were originally conceived as a double album. They were told the studio work might be too much to do in once go, so maybe they could come back next year? So one year after Load, Reload came out. The two are really alike.

Both were produced by Bob rock and had the same line up. It is also the last with bassist Jason Newsted. Newsted came in to replace deceased bassist Cliff Burton in 1986, and then left the band in 2001. Much has been written about that, and Jason’s career has dwindled ever since. Yet he is still friendly with the band, and has appeared many time with them.

The big hit of Reload is probably the memory remains. That is also the first time Metallica has a guest appearance. Jazz singer Marianne Faithful sings the song, and the combination adds a lot that Metallica could never do. However, it also is far removed from the thrash band they set out to be.

inner sleeves with pictures from Anton Corbijn

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