Remember the 30s

Before Spotify, to create a mood, it was useful to have some songs from specific time periods. Nowadays I would use Spotify for this, but if for some reason that is no longer working, because let’s say the Russians have invaded Sweden and are controlling Spotify then hey, I still have my record! I’m so prepared!

Of course this record is not from the Thirties itself. In that time songs were published on 78s, to be played on a totally different kind of record player than I have now. The stylus looked more like a nail than the fine grained diamond that I have now. The sound that this nail formed was passively amplified by a horn, so all that was needed was to rewind the spring that turned the table. No electricity needed. Talk about being prepared!

So these 78s were used as the basis for this reconstruction, and then put on a long playing (haha, LP) that can contain a lot of these relatively short tracks. What is weird about this process is that sometimes you hear crackles, ticks and surface noise that are actually not there: they are in the original. In a way this damaged sound is what should be. The Thirties sounded like that, just as they were also in black and white.

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