Takk (thanks) is the fourth studio album by Sigur Rós, published in 2005. The previous two already made them popular, but with Takk they reached an even wider audience. Mainly because many of the songs presented here found their way in film, documentaries and even video games. Everybody and their mother got to know these Icelandic post-rockers.

Much of this album I got to know better through the work that followed it: they created a film about the role their native country plays in their music. It was available on DVD for a while, and it has a lot of mini documentaries and beautiful live versions, many of them from Takk.

My version of this album is a limited pressing with one song on a 10 inch with etching on the B-side. The artwork on the cover is embossed, on heavy think paper. Also, the records themselves are 200 grams. I wrote about that before (and here): it is supposed to give a better sound, but some audiophiles claim it is actually sounding worse because the disc is a bit thicker, which results in the arm of the record player not being completely horizontal while playing it. Of course you can adjust it, but that is quite a complicated operation in many cases.

Inner sleeves and the etched 10 inch

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