Ragtime pioneer


It is not this album, but these are the same tracks

I am not a big fan of computer games. I am very clumsy with them, no idea why. So if you want to win, invite me to a one to one shoot them up, I’ll make it easy on you. About the only game I really like is Civilization, the Sid Meyer’s version. It is now in its sixth version, and I have played them all.

Wasn’t Joplin a coloured man?

How do I get to this subject? Well, Scott Joplin is a so called Great Musician in Civ 6. He gives you a three Great Works, one of which is The Entertainer. It is on this record, and is maybe the best known example of the genre. Ragtime developed around the 1890’s. It is characterised by syncopated rhythms, with regular timings interrupted by a sudden quickening of the pace. The result is a very danceable tune.

Around the end of the first decade of the twentieth century ragtime was all but gone. It had a big influence on jazz, but was eventually taken over by it. In classical music it influenced composers like Satie and Stravinsky. In the Seventies there was a short revival, with Scott Joplin at the front.

In Civilization, having pieces of music like this in your Empire gives you culture points. Enough culture points lets you win the game.

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