Voulez Vous

Date added: January 1st 1984.


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Hey! It was 84! The styling of this record is so… of that time. It is telling that the year 1984 is actually in hindsight the most influential on my music taste. I have a theory about that, you want to hear?

It goes like this. Everybody has their strongest influences on musical taste at thirteen. Most people keep getting back to the bands they listened to when they were thirteen.

So in my case that would mean that right at this age, I am listening to the music that I am getting back to in later years. Does that show in what I had in my possession at the time? No way. I had the most dreadful music myself. I started noticing my influences much later, looking back. Most of my collection is made in the year 1984.

This Abba is from 1979 though. For music from 79 it sounds surprisingly fresh I must admit. This record has a decorated inner sleeve, with the texts of the songs. Did I sing along at the time? If I did I don’t remember, but I also wouldn’t admit to it now.

I like the physicality of a record. Every one is a little bit different. In a time of digital cleanliness it is nice to have that physical connection to the music. The sound is in the groove. This record has a quaint sound in the endloop. After I finished listening to it, it is making this weird peep sound in the endloop. Maybe I don’t remember singing to it, but I do remember that particular sound. Did it sound the same on my previous record players?

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